Teaching and Administrative Technology Consultations

All faculty members are welcome to book a one-on-one teaching or administrative technology “office hours” appointment with CTE staff members. Read below to learn about our areas of expertise. You can also learn more about our staff on our CTE Team and Faculty Fellows pages.


Houssein El Turkey

Director of Center for Teaching Excellence
Associate Professor • Math

Areas of expertise:

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Active Learning in STEM Classrooms (e.g., in-class worksheets, pre-class readings/tasks)
  • Curriculum development (e.g., new course/program proposals, Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Designing tasks to foster creativity in STEM classrooms
  • Pedagogical actions to foster creativity in STEM classrooms
  • Designing reflective assignments (developing prompts for reflective assignments and students’ autobiographies)
  • Designing Mid-semester Student Surveys
image%20(2)_edited.jpgDanielle Cooper
Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor • Criminal Justice

Areas of expertise:

  • Designing Assignments with Students
  • Supporting Historically Underserved Students
  • Collaborating with Community Partners
  • Engaging through Contemplative and Restorative Practices
  • Learning through Play (Ludology)
  • Mapping Assessments to Outcomes 

Lisa ScrantonLisaScranton%20University%20of%20New%20H

Director of Faculty Support Services
Center for Teaching Excellence

Areas of expertise:

  • Faculty Success
  • Banner Student
  • Degree Audit
  • Argos Reports
  • MS Teams – Meet with students, work in teams, create content, and share resources in Office 365