Faculty Learning Communities

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce a new initiative that aims at building professional communities of practice within our instructional crew. We are proposing four Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) in addition to reading groups. If interested in joining, sign up here. 

The learning communities are centered around the following four practices:

FLC1: Active Learning

FLC2: Incorporating Makerspace/Technologies in Teaching

FLC3: Online Teaching and Gamification in Education

FLC4: First Time Instructor/Graduate Student Instructor Support

CTE Reading Group 1: Read and discuss ideas (during Fall 2023) on ungrading using the open-source book: https://pressbooks.pub/thegrade/

If a group of instructors is interested in proposing an additional FLC or a reading group, the CTE is happy to facilitate discussions. The CTE will arrange for discussions either in Zoom or in person depending on interested folks.

Click here for the Faculty Learning Community Sign-up Sheet.